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About Me


Hey girl, I’m Clare! Wife to Superman Jamy. Mama to Wyatt, Gavin, Londyn, and Zion. My life is fueled by espresso and Jesus! I love clothes, fashion, beauty products, and home décor. Some of my favorite things are food, sun, shopping, riding horses, and big bright earrings. When I’m not laughing with my friends, I’m most definitely laughing at myself!


I created my blog to share our life on Lassie Lane. We recently moved into our dream home and are making it on our own. As a child of dysfunction and survivor of abuse, I have had to overcome many messy mindsets along the way! I’m on a journey to live life to the fullest and show you how it’s possible to live a beautiful life after trauma. I’m in the thick of motherhood but when my kids are at school, I’m working on the blog and always showing up in stories on Instagram!


As a Christian Life Coach, blogger and speaker I’m passionate about helping women create a happy heart & Home. I believe that cultivating a beautiful home takes so much more than home décor and pretty furniture. My hope is I can show you how they both go hand in hand. If you are looking for blogs on Life and style you will find it here!


Maybe you have a full closet and have no idea what to wear, possibly you have the means to buy clothes, but you can’t figure out how to piece an outfit together.

You want to create a beautiful space in your home, but you are overwhelmed and looking for some inspiration or tools! I’m here to give you the tips, tricks, inspiration, and motivation you need to create a happy heart and home!


Whether you express that through a fun outfit, big sunglasses, bright lipstick, or a decorative piece in your home, I will be championing you along the way! In the Coaching Corner, you can find me writing life lessons on all thing’s marriage, motherhood, faith, and healing. I hope you feel light, warmth, and motivation on my blog. Don’t forget I created this for you!  I love to connect and see what you’re looking for, don’t be shy... let’s be friends!

I'm also the founder of The Reconstructed Woman; a community of women empowering women on their journey to Remodel, Redefine, and Rearrange their mindsets and learn their true identity in Christ. You can learn more about my story and this amazing community by clicking on the button below.

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