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4 Holiday Mantles

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

A fireplace isn’t the only place you can decorate a mantle. This entryway bench and mantle is one of my absolute favorite places to decorate. Each season I look forward to decorating this space. I found the Merry Christmas sign for $5 at target. I didn't see it online. The baskets are from home goods and keep it functional! Stockings are so fun to hang on the hooks. You could also hang a wreath under the mantle on the hook. The Christmas tree pillow, stockings, gold vase and green tree are all Home Good finds!

A Very Merry Mantle

Thanksgiving Mantle

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The smart tv is very popular right now. We love our Samsung Frame TV. Make sure you click below for link to purchase! Having a TV above the mantles isn't as much of a challenge when it comes to decorating. The option to upload photos or art is a huge bonus and allows you to create a beautiful look. We chose to go with a smaller screen size to have enough space for decor! You can search the internet for a picture background that matches your season or theme. Pull from the colors of the art to create a cohesive blend into your mantle. Add some fall florals or garland to brighten the space up and bring the feel of nature from outside to inside. Pampa’s grass is a big trend right now and I’m obsessed. I love keeping the feel of my coastal/boho style while adding the seasonal décor. I like to use different textures and incorporate candles, pumpkins and lantern to give the fall feel to my fireplace.

Thanksgiving Mantle Vibes

Fall Fireplace

I wanted to create a warm autumn feel here. I intentionally picked a background picture that had warm tones to match my rust-colored pillow and warm woods. Adding a basket with a textured blanket and a pillow is a must have for every season. Make the simple switch when it’s a new season by adding a different blanket, or colored pillow. I typically like to work in 3’s when I’m decorating an area. Ideally you want to use varying heights for the décor objects you use. Think balance when your creating!

Warm Fall Tones

Cozy Christmas Mantle

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

Garland covering one side of the mantle and flowing down is a huge trend right now. I purchased this pre-lit pine at target. The image of snow on the frame TV gives such a cozy winter vibe. I chose gold, emerald, green, creams, and wood tones to create this look. I found the Merry Christmas stocking holder at Home Goods. Adding a lantern is always a great option. This was a gift from my sweet friend Amie. She said it was a Home Goods find as well. The green trees are from Hobby Lobby. I had to add a quote that talked about our Saviors birth so this sign from Hobby Lobby worked great! I switched out a rattan basket for a gold basket to give the mantle a little more of a glam look. When it comes to Christmas, The shiner the better! Creating a mantle doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Let’s recap some of the important things to remember. Start with your theme. Pick a few metals that blend well with your existing color scheme. Add texture, create varying heights. HAVE FUN!

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