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4 Ways to Style a Tray

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

You guys this acacia wooden tray from Walmart is soooo good! It has two gold handles and is a decent size. It’s under $20 at Walmart from their Better Homes & Gardens line. I have used this tray so many different ways and wanted to feature it on the blog so you all can get some ideas and inspiration. You can use these ideas with any tray you already have. If you want to buy this exact one click below.


Merry & Bright

I have used this tray to decorate for every season. This is why this can be a staple in your home because there are so many fun things you can try! In the picture above I styled it with a mini-Christmas tree, village house, candle and cute Christmas quote. I displayed the tray on my counter. You can place it on the countertop, coffee table, dining table, or entryway table!


Picnic for 2

Create a backyard picnic for you and your husband! Before you go out on picnic create your tray display at home. Then toss everything into a cute basket, grab a blanket and go! You can take a picture to remind yourself how you set it up so when you’re at the picnic spot you can recreate the look! Make sure you capture those photos and enjoy your date!!


Nothing screams fall vibes like warm red wine, The aroma of hot soup and the scent of a pumpkin candle burning bright. This tray is a great size to hold bowls, napkins and all the things you need for a soup night. I placed mine by the stove and let the family come serve themselves. You could also use it if someone is sick in bed with a winter cold. Get creative and have fun.



S’more Fun anyone? My kids are addicted to S'mores! It’s one of our favorite fall treats and It was a blast using my tray from Walmart to create this pumpkin with marshmallows and chocolate. The kids bundled up and roasted marshmallows by the fire. They snacked on the candy corn in between smores.

See all the fun you can have with this simple tray! There are so many more ideas you can try but I'm going to let you use your own creativity for that. Make sure you head over to my instagram and post your pics so I can see what you came up with. Don't sleep on this tray. Go get it Now!!

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