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5 ways to tell it’s time to FORGIVE!


You Can’t stop talking about it

In the last 24 hours how many times did you talk about the person that hurt you? Let’s go back a day or even a week. Are you constantly regurgitating the situation?

If you asked your husband or friends how often you talk about the person that hurt you… what would they say? Chances are if you can’t stop talking about them, resentment is growing and it’s time to forgive!

You can’t stop thinking about it

You lay in bed tossing and turning thinking “how could they?” “I’m so mad”

“I just don’t get how could they” “If I could just make them pay”.

“If people really knew who they were”

“why am I even with this person still?” “I deserve better?”

Again, your left with a sleepless night. Your time is being stolen away by the tormentors of resentment and your becoming more bitter by the second.

You have no peace

Peace what is that? How could I have peace when I am so mad, so hurt? All I do is think about the how offended I am, how I just can’t believe they did that to me. What is wrong with that person?

Its causing constant fights, arguments or debates. It is taking up so much of your mental space you can’t focus on anything else. You definitely can’t get anything done, how could you?

Your angry…really really angry

You really have thoughts of losing it on this person if you have not already. You look back on your phone and see the angry text messages you don’t even regret sending.

You have thoughts of retaliation. You want to be justified. You start changing your behavior because that person “doesn’t deserve your best” Your steaming angry and can’t get over it. You give him the silent treatment or may him pay. Girl, it's time to forgive!

The situation plays like a cd stuck on repeat

The offense grips you, torments you and plays over and over in your mind.

When you are standing in line at the grocery store, when you are laying in bed, when you are at your desk, when you are at the gym, it is playing on repeat.

You feel like your tormented from the constant replay. Like it wasn’t hard enough to go through it now you have to relive it every minute. Errr

Girlfriend, I’ve been there, done that and had the tee-shirt. I lived in the prison of unforgiveness for years.

I was surrounded by bars of anger, resentment, retaliation, and hate. I was a bitter betty and everyone around me could feel it.

I get it girl, I promise I do, but FORGIVENESS SETS YOU FREE.

When I was able to truly forgive I was FREE. Free from the pain, the memory, the anger, the torment, the hate!

Free to be me and live my life! Please stop wasting your precious life.

I’m sorry they hurt you I really am. But choosing to live in unforgiveness only hurts you more and holds you back. Don’t let Satan steal your life from you anymore. IT is time to enjoy your life!!!

Jesus said he came to give you ABUNDANT LIFE!

Girl, It’s time to forgive and start living!

If you are ready and want to learn more. Make sure you listen to the podcast on forgiveness!!!

Forgiveness sets you free, are you ready????

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