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How to Style a Fall Table

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

The air is crisp, the leaves are changing colors, and pumpkin spice is EVERYWHERE!

Fall is finally in full effect!! If you’re like me, you love to decorate!! Chances are your hosting Thanksgiving or are simply looking for ideas and inspiration on how to style a fall table. The table is a place of comfort, community and connection.

It’s so much more than having a pretty tablescape. The table creates space for a pause from chaos. The laughs shared, the love felt, and the bonds you build as you converse together are memories you will cherish forever!

You’re savoring so much more than food. You’re nourishing your soul with intimacy of those around you. If you don’t normally celebrate the fall and holiday around the table, my hope is this post will inspire you to start a new tradition. Below are my favorite tips to styling your best table.

How to Style a Fall Table

The first thing you need to determine when styling a fall table is your theme. Pull out everything you have and grab a notebook and a pen. Are you styling for Friendsgiving? thanksgiving, a dinner party? What color napkins do you have? What color is your table? Maybe you need a tablecloth because your table décor is going to clash with your table. Perhaps you want a less formal look so you want a plain table. I have Included two different photos for inspiration!


In the picture below I rotated the color of the napkins. If you stay within your color scheme it works! See how the white pumpkins match the white napkins? Did you notice that the burnt orange napkins match the florals? It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Pick a few colors that you love that go together and get creative.

The best part of styling and decorating is making it unique to you and your home. I love playing around with different ideas! Don’t be afraid to try new things. You can put a pretty napkin ring around them and alternate those too. You can also lay the napkin flat with no ring. Or fold it in a pretty pattern. The possibilities are endless!

Table Coverings

Depending on the size of your table you may or may not need a table runner. If you are using chargers and it eats up too much of your table, I recommend sticking with the chargers and losing the runner. In the picture above I went with a plain table because I knew I wanted to use a big centerpiece and chargers. Using a tablecloth may seem like a formal option but it doesn’t have to be. If you find a pattern you love, go with it!

I couldn’t resist this Home Goods Find! For $14.99 I knew I had to get it for Thanksgiving! The gold gives the dining room warmth and complements the gold in my ceiling light.

Silverware & Chargers

I found a set of 20-piece flatware gold silverware at amazon for $21.99. They also have a $78.00 option too. I would blend your silverware with your chargers. If you haven’t used chargers before I want you to think of it as a finished look. It’s like blow drying your hair vs. letting it air dry.

It completes the table setting and adds so much. I found these gold chargers at the dollar store! They also sell them at Michaels, Target, Home Goods and Marshalls! All of my favorite stores. I chose gold and leather and gold on gold.

Again you can create a cohesive look with mixing metals. I love the trends right now because you can actually mix metals. Want silver chargers and gold silverware? You can totally do it just make sure you have silver somewhere else on the table. For example silver in the centerpiece, or glassware etc..


Speaking of centerpieces… The centerpiece is the cream of the crop!!! Don’t be afraid to go with a huge, bold, vibrant vase with florals. It will wow your guests when they walk in, and you can always take it off before you sit down and eat.

If you want to keep it on as you dine then go with something that won’t block eye view. Pull the décor from another area in your home. I took these lanterns and pulled the pumpkins from my mantle to create this look. Candles, vases, florals, and trays are all great options. Have fun with it. Below are some ideas for inspiration!


Will you be drinking wine, martinis, or iced tea? You need to lay out the appropriate glasses that will match your theme. Say you only have 6 wine glasses, and you have 8 attending. Jot that down. You can find affordable wine glasses on amazon, the dollar store, Home Goods, Marshalls and Bed Bath and Beyond.


I went with a classic white plate. I wanted to put my color in the décor, napkins, chargers, and centerpieces. If you have a plate with a color you love just make sure it goes with the rest of your table décor! So, there you have it… how to syle a fall table in no time! I hope this post helps inspire you and motivates you to create your best fall table! Hi hope you enjoy your thanksgiving and create so many memories around your table! I would love for you to post your fall table pics over on Instagram @lifeonlassielane look for the table posts and leave picture below it to enter my Christmas Giveaway basket!!

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