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It's Shacket Season!

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Shacket Season

Shackets are the new trend this season and I'm obsessed. These are so versatile making any outfit work. I mean how many is too many really? This is one of my favorite ones. I paired this look with leggings, sneakers and a hat for a casual and comfy look. The one I'm wearing in this picture is sold out but I found one very similar on amazon. I actually like the amazon option better because it has the double chest pockets. click the link to get yours.

Cropped Shacket

Cropped Green Shacket

This Walmart shacked was a steal for only $17.98. it's so loved that its already sold out but I'm linking a similar corduroy option below. I love the buttons and pockets and the color is perfect for the holiday season! Im a tall girl ( 5ft 9) I have a tall torso and this crop still works on me. I wish I would have put a longer tee underneath but you can try it either way. Paired it with these leopard sneaks from JCREW!

Fall Fun In Shackets

I really like this orange, blue and plaid shacked from amazon. It was perfect for a fun day at the pumpkin patch with my favorite people. The pockets and snap buttons are super cute. I like having the option to roll sleeves or snap and keep longer for when its colder. This is definitely a great transition shacket and it doesn't break the bank.

Black & White Plaid Shacked

Black & White Plaid Shacket

I think I'm in love. Remember that Jessica Simpson song? that's what comes to my mind when I wear this black plaid shacked. Im so bummed because again this is sold out. Im going to link another option that is so similar below. I got this at Walmart in the store so make sure you check your local stores because Its not online anymore. this Burgundy one in the link is super cute and comes in other options too!

Duster Shacket

Duster Meets Shacket =Loveeee

Where are my duster loving girls ? if your not sure what the duster is don't worry, I was confused at first too. lol Like the wand we clean with right? well girls this is a trend that is so hot right now! Its a type of cardigan that hits below the knee. Technically this shacket is above knee length but it gives me the same feel. Im not a fashion expert over here and I don't pretend to be. Im just a girl who loves clothes and wants to share my finds with you.

The colors of this shacket are soft pink, taupe and cream. I love it so much. I have been wearing it as a coat on days when I'm running errands. I usually don't wear coats or jackets when I'm running around because I get so hot. This material is light enough to keep you warm but not make you feel like you just ran a marathon.

I hope Santa brings you a shacket this year! They are everywhere. So if you can't find what your looking for don't give up too soon!

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