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The Juicy on Juicing!!!

Updated: Apr 20, 2022


This isn’t my first rodeo with juicing but it’s definitely different this time around. Mindset really is everything. I turn 37 next month and while my husband says I’m aging like a fine wine haha. I’m really starting to feel the effects of aging. My knees have arthritis and I’m allergic to gluten. My lower pelvis/ lower back area is still damaged from my almost 10 lb baby. All I have to do is look at carbs and they stick to my stomach, thighs and hips. My thyroid hasn’t been right since I became a mother so I’m typically tired every day. Okay you get the point. It’s all heading south over here especially my bra size since I’ve been juicing haha. when 2022 rolled around I knew I wanted to fuel my body and start feeling better! I remembered the benefits of juicing and thought I should do my research again to motivate myself! I hope this post motivates you too!

I was shocked at the results of juicing. I've lost 13 lbs since juicing and I'm feeling great! I have juice about two times a day typically 4-5 days a week. I don’t usually do it on the weekends because we are so busy and off routine. Below are just a few of the awesome benefits of juicing!



Celery is known for reducing inflammation levels in the body. I'm the girl who can gain 5-8 lbs in a weekend. Although it's not actual fat but water weight aka... inflammation. Being allergic to gluten makes me super sensitive to all the foods that cause bloat and inflammation. One of the first results I noticed was a loss of water weight. I love being able to put my wedding ring on easily and zip my jeans smoothly. Flushing the inflammation from my body feels so good!

Controls Cholesterol

Celery contains a compound that reportedly has lipid-lowering powers. Who doesn't want lower cholesterol? As we age its important we start focusing on our health.

Supports digestion

Constipation has always been a problem I have struggled with. I held my stress in my gut and it was always affecting my digestive system. Since juicing I have seen results in my regularity and i'm feeling great!

Rich in Vitamins and minerals

Celery contains vitamin C, beta carotene, and flavonoids. There are at least 12 additional antioxidants found in one single stalk

Suppress' Appetite

I have lost weight, I have so much energy, my skin has been better, my sleep has improved and I feel less hungry when it comes to the junk. Now believe me I’m a girl who needs real food too so I don’t just juice alone but most days I will juice 2/3 meals because it makes me feel that good! There is something so powerful when the nutrients hit the cells in your body. I really think my body is satisfied and that’s why it doesn’t crave the junk.


That's right! All you mamas need to listen up. Juicing is the new latte. Seriously , you guys I'm not even kidding when I tell you I don't drink an afternoon cup of joe anymore. I go for the juice and it fuels me so much better than espresso. I still drink coffee because I'm obsessed with the whole vibe. but since juicing I cut back on my daily caffeine by 50 percent. When we give the cells in our body the nourishment they need we don't look for it in high carb junk foods.

Weight Loss

Not only is celery a negative calorie food but its filled with all the benefits your body requires to operate efficiently. When you are sleeping better, your digestive system is functioning properly and you are flushing your body of toxins , you can't stop the added benefit of weight loss! Your less likely to reach for junk food when your already satisfied! So instead of looking at this juice like something you have to swallow Change your perspective. Get excited for all the goodness it's bringing your body and be proud of yourself for finally taking care of you!

Kid Approved

What kid wants to eat a whole plate of their vegetables? Not mine. Juicing for the kids is the best way to sneak all the vitamins in without the headache . I give them a straw and 'say suck it up buttercup." As long as I put enough apple in it they enjoy it!

The Details...

Many of you are asking all the things. So here's the deal... it's pretty simple. You need a good quality juicer, your ingredients and to carve some time out to prep your juice! I got lucky and found my juicer from

Target on sale for $79.00 but it’s under 120 now. You can shop it here I I get a small commission when you purchase it through my link.

PowerXL Self Cleaning Juicer

It’s been 10 years since I’ve juiced so obviously the machines have improved their game. This baby is powerful and has a self clean option!! Perfect for the busy mom! It’s dishwasher safe and easy to maneuver! You won’t be disappointed!

These mason jars from Walmart are the perfect portion. In order to maximize the benefits from the nutrients you need to seal the jar tight so the air doesn’t get in. I typically make enough juice batches for 3 days max. you can grab the mason jars here!

The Recipe

I’ve never been good at following recipes. I burned the Easter ham once and I typically am known as the worst cook ever. ( I blame my add) So when it comes to exact recipes it’s just not my thing. haha I always buy green apples, pineapples and celery stalks. The fruit sweetens the celery juice and makes it so yummy! Getting a straw is key so you can suck it down while your on the go. Remember that you are going to need a whole lot more veggies and fruit than you think. A lot on goes a little way when it comes to juicing. A typical batch for me is 6-8 large celery stalks, 2-3 pineapples and 1 bag of green apples. That will typically yield 8-10 jars. Rinse, chop and mix it up depending on your desired taste!

I always drink my juice after my coffee and workout as my first meal. The next juice is I drink is around 3:00 when I'm looking for the second wind to get through the night with the kids and all their activities etc.. It really does neutralize my blood sugar levels which feels so good!

"Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food." Genesis 1:29

I want to you leave you with this reminder. God made our bodies. God created veggies, greens and fruits to nourish our bodies and make us feel amazing. This is why you see cancer fighting properties in juices because it's never beens God's will for your body to be full of disease. I know we don't live in the perfect garden of eden anymore due to the fall of creation and sin. But we still have access to the foods God created and we can still yield terrific results when we honor our bodies with the right food. Your gonna love the results.. I promise! Please let me know and share your recipes! I hope this post gets you motivated to start fueling your body with the green goodness it craves and deserves. Your body has been through alot so be kind and gentle to it!

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