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How to Keep a White Couch WHITE with Kids!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

A White Couch with Kids possible! Yes, I said it and I can’t believe I’m saying it too. When our kids were little, we had white leather couches. I always wanted a fabric white but was petrified that the kids would ruin it. For full disclosure I waited it until the youngest was 4 to get our fabric white couch. We just moved in last September to our new home. Our couch has made it an entire year without any issues. Now, don’t get me wrong we did get a fabric that easily wipes stains. We have had few slip ups because life isn’t perfect especially with kids. I want to give you all some tips that will help you keep a white couch white.

Before you purchase the sofa make sure you are CLEAR with your kids about the rules. Take them to the furniture store and show them the couch. Let them fall in love with it and then tell them, you aren’t buying the couch until they agree to follow the rules.


Wash or buy light colored blankets preferably white and cover the couch. Tell the kids when they are on the couch they must be on a blanket. The blanket also does not get to leave the couch. If it does, they have to wash it and get a firm warning. My kids are major blanket cuddlers, I mean who isn’t?

You need to designate the blankets that cover the couch and the ones they wrap up in. MAKE THEM SEPARATE. They tried to take it to the counter with them, they tried to drag it up the stairs across the dirty floor. They have done it all, but I have remained consistent on the rules and its helped.

Clean Clothes

If you’re a mom, you know how messy kids can get. They wipe jelly on their pants, sit on gum, play in the dirt, and spill food on their clothes. I actually can’t go a meal without spilling something on my shirt either, so I definitely don’t blame them, but I do make them go change their clothes before they sit in on the couch. Our kitchen is connected to our living room. Our layout is an open floor plan so this is honestly easier because I’m always in the kitchen and able to monitor them after meals etc... It would be harder if your couch was in a separate room but it’s still possible!

No Shoes

Shoes aren’t even an option in my house. To help minimize the dirt on the floors we take our shoes off by the door. It can get challenging when we have company over who don’t take their shoes off. We try our best to cover the couch completely so nothing happens.

Clean Hands

With our kitchen island being right next to the living room it can be difficult to keep their hands clean. They may have pencil on their hands from homework, markers from drawing, or food from eating. They know they have to wash their hands before they get on the couch. Kids pick up routine fast and get acclimated quick. Our youngest has even caught himself and ran back to the sink to wash his hands.

No Eating

There is no eating allowed in the living room and definitely not on the couch. I know, I can hear you now…but what about movie night when you want to have popcorn. I got bean bags for the floor and have made an exception during movie night. They have to sit on the floor or bean bags if they want to eat while watching a movie. This has been the number one thing that has helped us keep the white. If you stay consistent you can enjoy your white couch. Also create a space for the kids where they can lounge and play rougher etc... Let your white couch be yours. When the kids are at school, I throw all my blankets in a basket and soak up the view. You got this mama!

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